Get Your Movie Made, Noticed and Get Those Deals! – TEAM CANADA

ReelHeART Professional Series 2017
Get Your Movie Made, Noticed and Get Those Deals!
Team Canada

CineCycle Coachhouse, 129 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, ON
Thurs. 8.00PM CineCycle. Tickets here.

Theme: Troubles and Triumphs of the Indie Filmmaker – Event Screening
Join us for this exciting and informative Event Screening in the ReelHeART Professional Series.

A panel of two busy production teams from Canada and the United Kingdom who are making waves with their Low Budget/Micro Budget Filmmaking that’s turned the Indie Filmmaking World on it’s head will share their journeys on how to network, promote, market and get your film made.

Team Canada is:

SubProd – Formed in 2005, Substance Production (SubProd) is the cocked and loaded offspring of maverick filmmakers and brothers, Brett and Jason Butler.

Based out of Toronto, SubProd is an independent production company dedicated to creating exciting and original content for film and television.

With multiple award-winning feature films (Mourning Has Broken, Confusions of an Unmarried Couple) and several feature scripts in development, the Butlers will continue to unleash great entertainment with an independent twist.

Their latest feature, First Round Down, opened as the #1 film at the Carlton Cinema after ripping it up and winning awards on the festival circuit.