Tuesday June 24 – 7:00PM

Tuesday June 24 – 7PM – Tickets $ 12 each :

Thème : En français !

Daniels Spectrum
585 Dundas Street East, Toronto M5A 2B7

Marie et les Gargouilles” (Mary and the Gargoyles)
Dir. Nicolas Trame (France)
North American Premiere

29:55 Short Film :: Prophetic and apocalyptic messages from the Virgin Mary during her various appearances around the world from 1873-1975, with some Gargoyles…

  • Trailer: None
  • Web: nicolastrame@orange.fr

Tags: Religious, Supernatural, Spiritual, Mystery

Mousse”, Dir. John Hellberg (Sweden / France)
North American Premiere

40:54 Short Film :: During the year’s biggest horse race, a remote betting shop gets an unexpected visit from a desperate Frenchman. His plan is to rob the shop, free his buddy from custody and flee the country.

Tags: Friendship, Loyalty, Police Comedy, Smalltown Idiosyncrasies, In Bruges, French Comedy

Jean Olivier Hucleux, du travail à l’oeuvre
(Jean Olivier Hucleux, from the Work to the Artwork)
Dir. Virgile Novarina (France) *IN ATTENDANCE*
North American Premiere

59:08 Short Documentary :: Painter of international renown, Jean Olivier Hucleux (born in 1923) is one of the pioneers of the hyper-realist movement which grew in Europe and in the United States. Since 1980 Hucleux has been producing ‘deprogramming’ drawings that he creates intuitively, without any plan, trying to get to a forgotten memory, hidden in the brain of all men. Shot since 2005, this film is the first documentary entirely dedicated to this unique artist.

Tags: Realism, Post Modern, Culture, Art, Spiritual, Biography, Personal Narrative, Senior/Aging, Dyslexia




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