Saturday June 28 – 7:00PM

Saturday June 28 – 7PM – Tickets $ 12 each :

Theme: Days Turn Into Nights

Daniels Spectrum
585 Dundas Street East, Toronto M5A 2B7

(Closing Gala Party to Follow at a Different Location)

Artful Dodger” by iNCH, Dir. Felipe P. Soares (USA)
Canadian Premiere

3:32 Music Video :: While searching for a missing person in the Redwood Forest, iNCH uncovers a conspiracy surrounding one our greatest myths – – Bigfoot.

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Tags: Music Video, Pop Music, SynthPop

“The Longest Way 1.0”, Dir. Christoph Rehage
North American Festival Premiere

5:19 Short Documentary :: This self-directed, staggering, time-lapse and superbly edited documentary is made up of roughly 1400 photographs that depict a one-year walk from Beijing to the Chinese city of Ürümqi.

Tags: Walking, Distance Walking, Spiritual Walks, China, Travel Stories, Walking Mastern Xie

Marie et les Gargouilles” (“Mary and the Gargoyles”)
Dir. Nicolas Trame (France)
North American Premiere

29:55 Short Film :: Prophetic and apocalyptic messages from the Virgin Mary during her various appearances around the world from 1873-1975, with some Gargoyles…

Tags: Religious, Supernatural, Spiritual, Mystery

*Official Closing Film*

Une Histoire Banale” (“Behind Closed Doors”)
Dir. Audrey Estrougo (France)
North American Premiere

82:00 Feature Film :: Nathalie, 32 years old, is an ordinary woman of her age who is in love with her boyfriend. But her life will totally change when a co-worker rapes her after a party. Life is now a struggle where every detail is a fight to get back a normal life.

En s’attaquant au thème du viol et du silence, Audrey Estrougo souhaite réaliser un film coup de poing, un cri de ras-le-bol. Aidez-nous à rendre ce film possible en participant dès aujourd’hui à son financement !

Nathalie, 32 ans, est une jeune femme tout à fait ordinaire. En couple et amoureuse, cette infirmière de profession voit soudain sa vie basculer lorsqu’en la raccompagnant, Damien, un collègue de travail, la viole. S’ensuit pour Nathalie le début d’un long combat pour retrouver la lumière. A travers cette «histoire banale» Nathalie devient ici la porte parole de toutes ces femmes condamnées au silence.

Tags: Violence Against Women, Rape, Date Rape, The Effects of Rape, Societal Denial, Recovery





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