Wed. July 5 – 8:30 PM

Imagine Cinemas – Carlton Cinema – 20 Carlton Street, Toronto
College Subway Station [Map]


Wed. 8.30PM Carlton Cinema – Regular $ 15 each :

Theme: What A Girl Wants. What A Girl Needs. Whatever Makes Me Happy Sets ME Free

  • Join us for a Special *Watch Party* Curated for Mothers, Daughters and BFFs
  • 19+ Event – Snacks, Theme Cocktail + #GirlStuff #Swag

Caitlin Among The Beasts – Film – 11:11 – Canada Premiere –
Dir. Adam Bertocci, United States

Trailer – “Caitlin Among the Beasts” from Adam Bertocci on Vimeo.

Synopsis: A comedy about finding grace and other things that get away. Irresponsible millennial Caitlin’s got an easy gig hamster-sitting for her nieces at her sister’s cushy suburban pad. Everything goes all right… at first.

Keywords: #Hamsters #Millennials #Responsibility #Loyalty #GrowingUp #Brooklyn #GirlStuff

Girl Meets Roach – Film – 17:03 – Canada Premiere
Dir. Christopher Zatta
*In Attendance! Alison Zatta, Writer/Producer/Lead Actress
*Nominated for Best Feature Film, Best Foreign Film, Best Thesis Film, Best Actress George Hanover (as “Meg”)

Synopsis: Dumped just before Christmas, a brokenhearted young woman forms an unlikely friendship…with a Cockroach.

Keywords: #BreakUps #Relationships #Cheating #Christmas #Revenge #MovingOn #GirlStuff

The Randomer – Film –  82:17 – North American Premiere – *Event Screening*
Dir. Naji Bechara, Dir. Caoimhe Clancy, Dir. Iseult Imbert, Ireland
*In Attendance! George Hanover, Lead Actress, Aisling O’Halloran, Producer
*Nominated for Best Feature Film, Best Foreign Film, Best Thesis Film, Best Actress George Hanover (as “Meg”)

The Randomer | Trailer from The Randomer Movie on Vimeo.

Synopsis: The last thing Meg wants is a child. Her and bohemian boyfriend Teddy, live a liberated life in the heart of Dublin. When she finds herself confronted by her 39th birthday, she starts to see motherhood in a different light. After rejecting her sister’s conventional approach to family, and seeing her new neighbours’ modern style of parenting, she decides to find a way to be a mother on her own terms. When Teddy doesn’t share her new found desire, she must go out and find the right guy to spend a perfectly random night with. If only she can avoid the pitfalls of modern dating, she might discover that one random night could leave her expecting more.

Keywords: #BiologicalClock #Relationships #Motherhood #SingleMother #CoParenting #GirlStuff