Wed. July 5 – 4:00 PM

0-stgeorge-woodsworthRoom #120
Woodsworth College
117/119 St. George Street
Toronto, ON, M5S 1A9

Wed. 4.00PM Woodsworth College – Regular $ 12 each :

Theme: Just Because I “Have” – Doesn’t Mean I “Can’t”…

Ever Dimming Room – Music Video – 7:47
Dir. Min Reid, United Kingdom
*Nominated for Best Music and Dance Related Film, Best Short Film, Best Music Video


“Who am I? I’m Boudwin. I have a degenerative eye disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa. After years of hope, injections, surgeries, and pills… the disease still rapidly robs me of my sight. There is no cure. I am going blind. Putting a timetable on something like your sight gives an interesting perspective on a lot of things. That’s one reason I started writing songs.”

Keywords: #Blindness #RetinitisPigmentosa #VisualImpairment #MacularDegeneration #VisionLoss

Red – Music Video Hybrid – 8:51
Dir. Min Reid, United Kingdom
*Nominated for Best Music and Dance Related Film, Best Short Film, Best Music Video

Synopsis: Based on a true story about a promise, love, dedication and devastating loss to Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease. RED music video by ‘Boudwin.’ is forward thinking and doubles up as a music video (inspired by the lyrics of Taylor Swift) and also as a trailer of ‘For the Love of Fred’ a film due for release on World Alzheimer’s Day 21st September 2017.

Keywords: #EarlyOnsetAlzheimers #Alzheimers #Dementia #EndAlz #AlzheimersAwareness

Part Of Me Now: Living With Breast Cancer – Documentary – 38:14
*In Attendance! Dir. Emily Gerhardson, United States
*Nominated for Best Documentary Short

Synopsis: After witnessing her mother Lori go through the struggles of Breast Cancer, first-time filmmaker Emily Gerhardson created an emotional, informative film that targets the hardships and struggles those who’ve gone through Breast Cancer endure beyond their treatments. The film highlights a side to cancer that has yet to be focused on – the aftermath. It centers around the personal stories of individuals who will live with cancer in their bodies or as a lingering threat for the rest of their lives.

Keywords: #BreastCancer #BreastCancerAwareness  #BreastCancerAdvocacy #BreastCancerFighter
#Cancer #FightLikeAGirl #SelfExamination

Maggie & Merly – Documentary – 54:50 – World Premiere
*In Attendance! Dir. Karen Shenfeld, Canada
*Nominated for Best Documentary Short, Best Actress (Merly Lamery “As Herself”), Best Canadian Film

Synopsis: What happens when fate brings together two women, raised under contrasting circumstances, on opposite sides of the planet? Maggie & Merly presents a portrait of the intimate relationship between a Canadian widow and her live-in Filipino caregiver. Struggling with the onset of Parkinson’s Disease and the aftermath of a severe traumatic brain injury, Maggie faces the loss of her autonomy. Meanwhile, Merly is coping with loneliness and the long hours of her job, while sending all of her earnings back home to the Philippines to support her own parents whom she has left behind. Filmmaker Karen Shenfeld focuses her lens on the caring and the cared for, showing how the lives of both can be enriched by the redemptive power of love.

Keywords: #Parkinsons #ParkinsonDisease #Filipino #CareGiver #ElderCare #SeniorHealth #Neurology #BrainScience