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One of the Official *Top 3* Selections in the Feature Screenplay for the 13th Annual ReelHeART International Film and Screenplay Festival.

Fire Mountain will compete for 1st, 2nd or 3rd Place awards for Best Feature Screenplay at ReelHeART 2017. As part of their prize, “Fire Mountain” gets a rehearsed Cast-To-Type Live Script Read with ‘real‘ Actors and Actresses in front of a Festival audience Wednesday July 05 11AM-1PM.

All Top 3 Screenwriters receive a generous Screenwriting related gift from our wonderful sponsors FinalDraft the #1 Selling Screenwriting Software and InkTip Where everyone goes for scripts and writers”.

Fire Mountain  (107 Pages)
Screenwriters: Anthony Salamon, Ronnie S. Riskalla, Jeremy Span
Australia (with frequent trips to Iceland)

Synopsis: When a volcano in Iceland erupts, a group of fishermen must band together to help evacuate their town and fight for their homes.

Inspiration For Screenplay: Our inspiration drew from the incredible true story of this eruption at Eldfell, Iceland. It was a chapter of our history no one really knew too much about.

A motivating theme that hung over our drive to write the script was in finding ways to celebrate the human spirit at times of tragedy and being able to share that story. Interest in our script began picking up in Iceland where the events took place. We were able to learn more about the events that transpired from footage and first hand accounts which only gave us more drive to need to tell this incredible story of survival.

Keywords: #Volcano #Eldfell #Iceland #Motivation #HumanSpirit #History #Community #Tragedy #HomeEvacuation #Survival #Drama