Tues. July 4 – 6:30 PM

OISE Auditorium – 252 Bloor Street West, Toronto

Tues. 6.30PM OISE  – Regular $ 12 each :

Theme: Red, White and Blue – An Evening of Indie Films From USA

Whateverland – Music Video – 02:52 – Canadian Premiere
*In Attendance! Dir. Thomas Florek, United States
*Nominated for Best Animated Film, Best Music Video

Synopsis: Whateverland is the weird, mysterious town where your dreams will go to die…

  • Keywords: #TomAndDoug #Music #Comedy #Puppet #PopCulture #Political #Satire

Walls – Music Video – 5:42 – Canadian Premiere
Dir. Min Reid, United Kingdom / United States
*Nominated for Best Dance and Music Related Film, Best Music Video

Synopsis: Walls features American Rock Artist JR Richards the original lead Singer and Songwriter of Dishwalla. Richards’ phenomenal vocals and unparalleled songwriting hits a poignant message in Walls. ‘To live and witness all the love. All the love that we can find. We can finally rise above. Above the prisons in our minds…’Shot on location in California by German cinematographer Marco Schott.

Keywords: #Love #FathersLove #LoveOnlyMatters #BreakDownTheWalls

Halfway To Zen – Film 95:30 – Canadian Premiere
*In Attendance! Dir. Toby Poser, Dir. John Adams, United States
*Nominated for Best Feature Film, Best Actor (John Adams), Best Actress (Toby Poser,) Best Ensemble Cast, Best Editing

Halfway to Zen (Trailer) from Toby Poser on Vimeo.

Synopsis: A banged up family reunites to spin the world in new directions.

Keywords:  #Dysfunctional #Family #Love #LGBTQ #Dementia #SecondChances #Redemption