Tues. July 4 – 1:45 PM

0-stgeorge-woodsworthRoom #126
Woodsworth College
117/119 St. George Street
Toronto, ON, M5S 1A9

Tues. 1.45PM – Regular $ 12 each :

Theme: Blue, White and Red – An Afternoon of Indie Films From France

Le Pardon (French w/English Subtitles) – Film – 5:00 – Canadian Premiere
Dir. Margarethe Baillou, France, United States

Synopsis: Set in late 19th century New Orleans, LE PARDON portrays an unusual dialog between a man and a woman: he is heard but not seen, and she is seen but never speaks. A ghostly fictional short film, it is a tale of forgiveness and the art of listening, a poem about an almost encounter and an hommage to the Crescent City. French with English subtitles.

Keywords: #GhostStory #NewOrleans #PeriodFilm #TurnOfTheCentury #LovePoem #LoveStory

Au Coeur du Sommeil (Deep Into Sleep) – Documentary – 38:40 – North America Premiere
Dir. Virgile Novarina, France

Synopsis: A literary and philosophic exploration of the various stages of sleep (Une descente littéraire et philosophique à traversdifférents états du sommeil)

Keywords: #Sleep #Dream #Deep Sleep #Sleep States #Literature #Philosophy #MichelButor #ClémentRosset #PierrePachet #Jean-LucNancy

Chasing Bonnie & Clyde – Documentary – 87:00  – Canadian Premiere
Dir. Olivier Lambert, Dir. Thomas Salva, France

Synopsis: When Texas Gets Smart-on-Crime! In this era of Great Recession, the conservative and tough-on-crime State of Texas takes an unexpected, unprecedented path by becoming a social justice leader with programs that rehabilitate young offenders. Rape, abuse and death are no longer in the cards for modern-day prisoners, especially those that idolized Bonnie and Clyde – who lived or died trying to make a name for themselves through crimes of robbery and murder.  Today’s young offenders, thanks to some Texan prison reform innovators, now have a second chance.

Keywords: #SocialJustice #Crime  #Rehab #Reentry #SecondChance  #Love #Texas #JuvenileDetwntion #PrisonReform #BonnieAndClyde #BarrowGang