Thurs. July 6 – 1:45 PM

0-stgeorge-woodsworthRoom #121
Woodsworth College
117/119 St. George Street
Toronto, ON, M5S 1A9

Thurs. 1.45PM Woodsworth College – Regular $ 12 each :

Theme: Filmed With Pride! – An Afternoon With LGBTQ Films

Time To Pay – Film – 04:21 – North America Premiere
Dir. Ben Grace, United Kingdom

Synopsis: The end of the world is in 6 hours. What would you do?

Keywords: #LGBTQ  #Rape #Drama #EndOfTheWorld #Justice #Payback #Revenge

Run For The Truth – Film – 19:33 – North America Premiere
Dir. Damien Steck, France

Synopsis: A love story about two women who have to face an unbearable truth.

Keywords: #LGBTQ #Lesbian #Romance #Erotic #Romance #Drama #Family #FamilyHonor

The Gay, The Negro And The Holy Mountain (Der Schwule, der Neger und der heilige Berg)
Documentary67:07 – North America Premiere
Dir. Dave D. Leins, Germany

Synopsis: Director Dave D. Leins’ first documentary was meant to be a portrait of Markus Kast, a creative, superior craftsman by day and the highly regarded president of the historical carnival club in his home village in Germany. As the documentary unfolds, we find that Markus has other interests. Some he shares openly and others he keeps closed off from public scrutiny. Within those revelations, the  filmmaker questions the parallels in both their back stories as he transforms fiction to reality. The film becomes more of a collaboration about about people who don’t fit the norm, but want to belong to their respective communities anyway that they can.

Keywords: #Gay #LGBTQ #Reality #Germany #Interracial #ClosetedGay #GayMen #GayLifestyle #Relationships #Drama