“The Alien’s Puppets” – Live Feature Script Read

Friday Live Reads – Tickets $ 12 each :

ReelHeART 2015 Screenplay Competition: Live Script Read
“The Alien’s Puppets”*World Premiere*


  • Time: 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM
  • Location: Room WO30
    Woodsworth College Residence
    321 Bloor Street West (South East Corner from St. George Subway)
    Toronto, Ontario M5S 1S5 MAP
  • Feature Screenplay Top 3 Winner
    The Alien’s Puppets“, written by  Rubens Marinelli Neto and Matheus Hruschka
    São Paulo, Brazil



RUBENS MARINELLI: With degrees from FAAP (SP), NYFA (NY) e NYU (NY), Rubens began his career as a copywriter for important ad agencies in São Paulo. In 2012, he wrote and directed his first short-film, The Couch, inserting himself in the Brazilian independent film market. In 2015, he took on the role as creative director of Projects for Pink Flamingo Films, where he also presently works on the development of TV series and films.


MATHEUS HRUSCHKA worked for 6 years as an editor before effectively migrating to screenwriter. He studied at NYFA (LA) and then joined the Project sector of Pink Flamingo Films when he returned to São Paulo. He presently works on the development of TV series and films for Pink Flamingo Films.

Inspiration For Screenplay:

Rock n’ Roll is obviously and inspiration for this story. However, I believe the hardship of aging is a theme that haunts us; the dubious dream of perpetual adolescence and the idea that someone is always younger than you are. Life is far from logical, unexpected events occur, plans change and our adolescent dreams are eventually left behind.


The Alien’s Puppets is a rock n’ roll comedy. The film follows Jerry Tycoon, an old-aged junkie, who tracks down his old friends and persuades them to get together their heavy metal band – The Alien’s Puppets – as a last wish before the cancer takes his life. The group embarks on this musical adventure as teenagers, but the dream may end when they discover the real reason for Jerry reunites the band: The Spirit of God Festival.

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10 thoughts on ““The Alien’s Puppets” – Live Feature Script Read

    1. You were wonderful. Sorry for did not making to the reading, long and expensive way, but I saw afterwards and it was amazing.

      Thank you so much!

      Matheus Hruschka

  1. Hi Rubens and Matheus,

    Hilarious script! Great writing. I’ll be portraying Ann in the live reads at the festival. I look forward to Friday!


    1. Thanks Rebbeca,

      Glad to hear that you liked the script. Was too much fun to see.

      Matheus Hruschka

  2. Hello Rubens and Matheus,

    I have the joy of playing the character Stanley and really enjoyed rehearsing this script can wait for you to see it all together live.


    1. Hey Angelo,

      Really glad you liked and sounds that you had lots o f fun. Was great to see it alive, and you guys, were amazing. Thank you so much for put that effort in our script.

      Matheus Hruschka

  3. Hello Rubens Marinelli Neto and Matheus Hruschka,

    I am playing Jenny and I am very excited to be a rocker girl and bring your words to life. I loved your script I thought it was very funny and entertaining.

    1. Thank You Jade,

      What that you felt about the script was exact what we want to deliver. Glad you liked and enjoyed. =)

      Matheus Hruschka

  4. Hey Rubens and Matheus,

    Absolutely hilarious script! It was a pleasure to read and the taste in music was spot-on. I’ll be reading live as Brian and a few other characters. Looking forward to Friday!

    Keep rockin’ guys,

    1. Thanx Jacob,

      Rock will never die inside us. Was really fun to watch you guys. Shame I couldn’t be there. Anyways, you were great.

      Matheus Hruschka

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