Wednesday 26th – 7:00PM Screening

lgbt-reelheart-1207:00PM           (Pride Program)

Wednesday Screening 7PM – Tickets $ 12 each :

THE BIG PICTURE CINEMA (Formerly the Projection Booth)
1035 Gerrard St E Toronto, ON M4M 1Z6


Freak – Encore Presentation
18:30 USA
Dir. Eric Casaccio

Randall, a hard working yet fragile soul faces his inner demons buried behind his drag queen persona “Sophia”, while pursuing the dream of a lifetime.

Keywords: Transgender, Dramedy, Social Issue, Gay/Lesbian, LGBTQ

Stand Up
16:45 (Belfast, Northern Ireland)
Dir. Louis McCullagh

In this commentary on homophobia and gay bashing in Ireland, a traditional father tries to make amends with his deceased gay son, by putting himself into his son’s shoes who was studying to be a stand up comedian.

Keywords: Drama, Social Issues, Family Issues, Gay/Lesbian, LGBTQ

Raid Of The Rainbow Lounge
1:43:00 (Dallas, TX, USA)
Robert L. Camina

Narrated by television icon and Emmy nominated actress, Meredith Baxter, this documentary recounts the widely publicized and controversial 2009 police raid of a Fort Worth, Texas gay bar that resulted in multiple arrests and serious injuries. Following sordid allegations and outrage, many changes would occur in the city, and Fort Worth would become a leader in LGBT equality. However, the changes did not happen overnight and without controversy.

Keywords: Crime, Human Rights, Social Issue, News, Gay/Lesbian, LGBTQ



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