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  • Family brings life story What If to the screen – FORMER St George resident and filmmaker Gina Stojanovski’s debut short asks the audience to consider what might have been. What If — has been selected for three film festivals including ReelHeART International Film Festival in Toronto and …
  • Unhollywoode histoire banale: Film Review – A DIY French drama that details the harrowing experience and aftermath of a rape, writer-director Audrey Estrougo’s Une histoire banale is — contrary to its title — far from a banal story, though unfortunately one that occurs all too often. Starring Marie Denarnaud (Eager Bodies, the original Blood Ties) in a fearless near-solo performance, the film does a terrific job with its low-budget aesthetic – The Hollywood Reporter
    • Behind Closed Doors  [pdf] – Nathalie is a thirty-something Parisian woman with a simple and joyous life. She likes her job at the local hospital, adores hanging out with her colleagues and is about to move in with the man she loves. But one night, everything changes in a matter of minutes.
    • Behind Closed Doors [pdf] – Written in a week, shot in three, and largely crowd-funded with a budget of €15,000, the film gained cinematic release in French Cinemas and has been picked up by international sales company WTFilms. Behind Closed Doors is not only a gripping tale of psychological deterioration from the harrowing shock of rape, but the production of the film also serves as an important testimonial to overcoming traditional routes for financing a film.
    • Reviews From France for Une histoire banale
      • «  Excellente Marie Denarnaud. Bouleversant sans être larmoyant » – Le Journal du Dimanche « Le spectateur reste sous le choc d’une oeuvre majeure » – 20 minutes
      • « Marie Denarnaud est absolument bouleversante » – 20 minutes
      • « Objectif atteint pour Audrey Estrougo : son film, radical et courageux, atteint son but. Etre utile. Faire réfléchir à cet acte banal et criminel à la fois » – Le Monde
      • « Film uppercut ! On aime passionnément » – Le Parisien
      • « Quant à Marie Denarnaud, elle déballe ses tripes, elle se fout à poil. Littéralement. Et arrache des larmes » – Studio Ciné Live
      • «  Boulversant, Magnifique Marie Denarnaud » – Gala


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