Mon. July 3 – 6:30 PM

Imagine Cinemas Carlton Cinema, 20 Carlton St, Toronto, College Subway Station [Map]


Mon. 6.45PM Carlton Cinema – Film Only $ 15 each :
Mon. 6.45PM Carlton Cinema – Film & Party $ 25 each :

Theme: The Meaning Of Family…

Choice In Quantum – Film 17:06 – Canadian Premiere
Dir. Yutang Wang, China

Synopsis: In 2035, Ran Lin, a police officer in Time Administration, time travels back to 2015, the year of his father got killed in front of him. Ran understands the consequences of changing history, but he yearns to see his father again.

Keywords: #Time #Family #Science Fiction #History #TimeTravel #China #FatherSon #Administration

Death In A Day – Film 14:05 – Canadian Premiere
Dir. Lin Wang, China

Synopsis: Evan is 7 years old, Chinese, living with his soon-to-be widowed mother, Wei. would enjoy nothing more than to spend his day inside playing with his toys. After visiting his comatose father in the hospital, Evan learns he must come to grips with the impending death falling upon his family while watching helplessly as his mother tries to cope with single parenthood.

Keywords: #ComingOfAge #Family #Death #Grieving #China #FatherSon #SingleMother

Father And Son  *Official Opening Film*   88:40 – Canadian Premiere
Dir.   Luong Dinh Dung, Vietnam

Synopsis:  Father And Son is a beautifully filmed story about a single-father Moc and his 6 year-old son Ca who live near a river. and fish for a living in their remote but picturesque village. When Ca becomes terribly ill, Moc must find a way to get his son to the big city for proper healthcare and a chance at a better life for the both of them.  The sacrifices are life changing for both of them. Their journey shows the remarkable bond between Father and Son.

Keywords:  #Drama #Parenthood #Family #Vietnam #LowIncome #Healthcare #Sacrifice