Fri. July 7 – 9:00 PM

Imagine Cinemas – Carlton Cinema – 20 Carlton Street, Toronto
College Subway Station [Map]


Fri. 9.00PM Carlton Cinema – Regular $ 12 each :

Late Request – Film – 3:43 – North America Premiere
*In Attendance! Dir. Phil Peel, United Kingdom
*In Attendance! Melissa De Mol, Actress, United Kingdom
*Nominated for Best Short Film

Synopsis: Steve is critically injured, trapped upside-down in a wrecked car. Whilst paramedic Nicky calls in the Fire Brigade and battles to keep him conscious, but Steve has something important on his

Keywords: #Paramedic #NHS #Accident #Drama #lLatenNight #LonelyRoad #CarAccident #Danger #Survival #CheatingDeath

Theme: Crime Now Is Never Worth the Price You Pay Later…

Film co-presented by the
Embassy of Sweden in Ottawa.

Hate And Reconciliation (Hat och Försoning) – Documentary – 63:51 – International Premiere
Dir. Bo Harringer, Dir. Enver Ramirez, Dir. Iman Bayat, Sweden
*Nominated for Best Documentary Short, Best Editing

Hate and Reconciliation TRAILER from Filmateljén on Vimeo.

Synopsis: In 1998, some young guys arranged a party in Gothenburg, Sweden. Four guys who did not get into the party wanted revenge and built a fire to spoil the party. The fire spread explosively and 63 young people died and over 200 were injured.

Nebil, who arranged the party, was accused of 63 friends’ death. He was then 15 years old.

Shirin was 14 years old when she went to the party with her two sisters. Both sisters perished in the fire. Her curiosity about the guilty got her to seek them out, to find out what was behind their actions.

Danijel, another young man, miraculously survived, eventhough he was hospitalized for six months before he came back to regular daily life.

Nebil, Shirin and Danijel are three of the young people we will meet, 15 years after the disaster.

Keywords: #Gothenburg #Sweden #DiscothequeFire #YoungOffenders #Crime #LossOfLife #Grieving #Trauma #Forgiveness #CriminalJustice #Redemption #SecondChances #YouthCulture #Integration #Disaster #Community #Grief

The Last Note – Film – 52:33 – *World Premiere*
*In Attendance! Dir.  Robert Zameroski, United States
*In Attendance! Kathy Hunter (Executive Producer)
*In Attendance! Vick Sepetjian (Producer, Editor)
*Nominated for Best Action Film, Best Actor James Intveld as “Johnny”), Best Actor King Cotton as “Father”), Best Ensemble Cast

Synopsis: After his mother’s death, a broken-down, faded musician returns home to Texas in search of the truth about his abusive past as he struggles with haunting memories.  He confronts family members whose confessions and half truths lead him through the horrific realization of ultimate betrayal. He makes amends the only way he knows how — through blood shed.

Keywords: #Abuse #Redemption #Crime #Vengeance #Forgiveness #Dysfunctional #Family #LikeFatherLikeSon #SecondChances #Redemption #Good #Evil