Fri. July 7 – 7:00 PM – Live Script Read – The Wonderful

Beach United Church – Encore Presentation
140 Wineva Avenue
Toronto, ON M4E 2T4

Fri. 7.00PM – Regular $ 12 each :

One of the Official *Top 3* Selections in the Feature Screenplay for the 13th Annual ReelHeART International Film and Screenplay Festival.

The Wonderful will compete for 1st, 2nd or 3rd Place awards for Best Feature Screenplay at ReelHeART 2017. As part of their prize, “The Wonderful” gets a rehearsed Cast-To-Type Live Script Read with ‘real‘ Actors and Actresses in front of a Festival audience Friday July 07, 7PM.

All Top 3 Screenwriters receive a generous Screenwriting related gift from our wonderful sponsors FinalDraft the #1 Selling Screenwriting Software and InkTip Where everyone goes for scripts and writers”.

Demitra Papadinis
Demitra Papadinis

The Wonderful, screenwriter Demitra Papadinis  *In Attendance*
New Hampshire, United States

Synopsis: Many centuries ago, in a time of great political and religious upheaval, there lived a poor and illiterate peasant woman whose humble origins and meager circumstances all but ensured that her name would be lost to oblivion. Yet, against all odds, history has preserved the life story of the extraordinary Christina St. Trond, now better known as Saint Christina Mirabilis (“The Wonderful”).

Saint Christina lived according to a simple tenet which has been imparted by sages and prophets of all religions since time immemorial. In the sacred text of Christina’s own faith, it’s rendered as “Love your enemies, do good to them that hate you.” It is for Christina’s remarkable ability to do this, not for the singularity of her reputed miracles, that she is revered as an inspirational figure even today. Her story is ultimately one of forgiveness, patience, and compassion, qualities which are needed every bit as much in our time as they were in the Blessed Christina’s.

Keywords: #Inspiration #Faith #Forgiveness #Fantasy #Belgium #Religion #Saint #Litany #Medieval #Morality #Play #Sex #Lust #Love

Bio: A relative newcomer to film, Demitra (“Demi” to her friends) has over three decades’ experience as a theatrical director, producer, dramaturge, and performer. An ardent First Folio enthusiast, she is an expert in staging Elizabethan and Jacobean plays using “original practices,” an approach which strives to recreate both the performance environment and the creative working process of the early modern playhouse. She is the editor of the Renaissance Acting Editions, and of the Frankly Annotated First Folio series published by McFarland. She is currently co-writing a dark and surrealistic adaptation of “Romeo and Juliet” with John Hudson, author of “Shakespeare’s Dark Lady.” When not immersed in the world of stage and screen, she can be found cleaning up what comes out of either end of a cat.