Fri. July 7 – 4:00 PM

0-stgeorge-woodsworthRoom #121
Woodsworth College
117/119 St. George Street
Toronto, ON, M5S 1A9

Fri. 4.00PM Woodsworth College – Regular $ 12 each :

Theme: Only Mothers Can Think of The Future – Because They Give Birth to it in Their Children
~Maxim Gorky, Russian Novelist, Dramatist, Politician

The Two Million – Documentary – 12:48 – North America Premiere
Dir. Onur Mehame (ATICI), Turkey
*In Attendance! Co-Dir. Derin Baratka, United States
*Nominated for Best Documentary Short

The Two Million Trailer from Onur Mehame on Vimeo.

Synopsis: On October 29, 2015 Turkey opened their borders to over 2 million Muslim refugees from war-torn Syria. As these people and their families take refuge in a new land on unfamiliar soil, finding peace and belonging is their main concern.

Keywords: #Syria #Turkish #SyrianRefugees #Muslim #ArtisticExpression #WarTorn #Politics #War #SyrianRefugesinIstanbul #SyrianKids #WarinSyria #War #Syria #Turkey #Children #Refugees

Summon Her Children – Film – 25:11 – North America Premiere
Dir. Wesley O’Duinn, Ireland
*Nominated for Best Short Film, Best Cinematography

Synopsis: The film tells the little known story of a group of the Portlaoise Company of The Irish Volunteers and their efforts to carry out an order from Padraig Pearse on the eve of the Easter Rising 1916. They devise a plan to prevent British reinforcements from reaching Dublin by train, in an effort to allow their comrades to strike a blow that would be heard worldwide and would herald the beginning of the Irish journey to independence. This is a story about family, friendship and freedom. “The generations shall remember them, and call them blessed” – Padraig Pearse

Keywords: #Portlaoise #Ireland #EasterRising #IrelandEasterRising #Loss #Grieving #Family #Children #FamilyLoss #PadraigPearse #Revolution #Rebellion #Patriotism #Family #Rising #Freedom

Sorrow and A Stirring of New Life – Documentary – 28:42 – North America Premiere
Dir. I.C. (Chuck) Rapoport, United States, Wales
*Nominated for Best Documentary Short

Synopsis: Amidst poignant black and white photographs, famed LIFE Magazine and Paris Match photojournalist, I.C. Rapoport paints his portrait of a village in agony after the Aberfan mining disaster in this tiny Welsh village in 1966, when on October 21st, a mountain of slag waste from a coal mine collapsed sending tons of rock and mud crashing into the village primary school.  This horrific slide filled classrooms of 8, 9, and 10 years-olds.  One hundred and sixteen (116) children were buried alive and perished, along with twenty-eight (28) adults.

Chuck went on assignment for LIFE and lived among the survivors, unobtrusively recording a broken village trying to cope and make sense of their enormous loss in one of the first disasters of this magnitude to be televised around the world.

Sorrow and a Stirring of New Life is Chuck’s melancholy, yet uplifting journey through his photographs fifty years later, which poetically captures the sadness of loss and resilience of the heart.

Keywords: #Aberfan #Wales #MiningDisaster #Loss #Grieving #Family #Children #FamilyLoss