Tuesday July 5 – 7PM


2158 JJR Macleod Auditorium, Medical Sciences Building
1 King’s College Circle, Toronto, Ontario, M5S 1A8
Wheelchair Accessible on Main Floor

Tuesday 7.00PM JJR Macleod Auditorium, 1 King’s College Circle – Tickets $ 12 each :

Tuesday 7.00PM JJR Macleod Auditorium, 1 King’s College Circle – 2 Tickets $ 20 :

Theme: Love In All Its Forms Is Very Difficult … To Express


Sparks  – 03:42 min – Canadian premiere
Dir. Areej Mahmoud

Synopsis: A young man, who delivers ‘shisha’ in the Hamra area in Beirut, is obsessed with catcalling girls walking alone in the street. Things change when he messes with the wrong girl.

Keywords: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Action, Shisha, Lebanese, #beirut #hamra #lebanon #shisha


I Only Tell The Truth (by Charlie Lim) 5:32 min – Canadian Premiere – Nominated for Best Music Video
Dir. Felipe P. Soares
USA / Singapore

Synopsis: As he writes a letter to his loved one, Charlie drifts in and out of memories and the world around him begins to fall apart – culminating in a plane crash.

Key Words: Drama, Fantasy, Action, Tragedy, Grief, Loss #MusicVideo #Australia #Singapore #DiscoveryBay


Dancing Through Corn – 3:21 min – Canada Premiere
Dir. Thomas Florek

Synopsis: For those mid-west dudes who long to be popular on the dance floor. (a musical work from Tom and Doug..who host the nationally syndicated ‘Tom and Doug Show’)


At Last – 9:58 – Canadian premiere
Dir. Anna Skrypka
Santa Monica, California, USA

Synopsis: A socially awkward middle-aged man must overcome his chronic anxiety and insecurities when his online dating girlfriend unexpectedly turns up at his house with the clear intention to have sex with him.

Keyword: Short Film, Love, Romance, Relationships, RomCom

Stars: Lee Schall, Lisa Goodman



Edward – 14:48 min – North America Premiere
Dir. Derek Parsons
United Kingdom

Synopsis: Edward has many secrets, but how can he keep this one?

KeyWords: Peeping Tom, Black and White, Thriller, Voyeur, #voyeurism #peeping #murder

Cast:  Cassells MacDonald, Jennie Rawling, Jackson Davies

1-maintenancemodule-francaisMaintenance Required – 15:03 min – World premiere
Dir. JC Falcón
France, Spain, USA

Synopsis: When Nappy, an overprotected simpleton in his 40’s, loses his mother, he decides to journey to Las Vegas to find the love of his life.

En français : Surprotégé par sa mère, Nappy, la bonne quarantaine, décide de partir à Las Vegas pour trouver la femme de sa vie.

KeyWords: Dark Comedy, #LasVegas #LosAngeles #FrenchFilm #RomCom #RoadTrip #RoadPicture #SummerTime

Cast: Zack Zublena (Producer, Writer), Peter Tahoe, Virginia Novello


module-francaisThe Maze – 52:00 min – Canadian premiere
Dir. Thomas Keumurian

Synopsis: This is the story of a young man lost in a maze. And a young woman, the one he loves and who loves him, looking for him.

KeyWords: #Romance #LoveLost #BreakUps #Maze #ExperimentalFilm #Paris #FrenchFilm