Tuesday July 5 – Live Short Script Reads 11:30AM


Room SS1074, Sidney Smith Hall
100 St. George Street
Toronto, ON, M5S 3G3

Tuesday 11.30AM SS1074, Sidney Smith Hall 100 St. George – Short Screenplay Live Reads – Tickets $ 12 each :

SENIOR Tuesday 11.30AM SS1074, Sidney Smith Hall 100 St. George  – Short Screenplay Live Reads- SENIOR Tickets $ 6 each :

Short Screenplay Live Reads
11:30 AM-1:30 PM

400-Real_Artists_Cameo_WoodReal Artists (11 Pages)
Screenwriter, Cameo Wood – San Francisco, CA, USA

Synopsis: In the near future, a young animator is offered what should be her dream job. But when she discovers the truth of the modern ‘creative’ process, she must make a hard choice about her passion for film.

Keywords: #Thriller #ScienceFiction #Hollywood #Filmmaking #Futuristic #Future #Distopia #AI #Memory #EvilCorp

Website: http://www.realartists.film
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RealArtistsFilm

Screenwriter Bio: After receiving most of her film education while tending her family’s video store, Cameo Wood has always admired film and filmmaking. Cameo premiered her first narrative documentary short “Dukha in Summer” in 2014 at the St. Louis Film Festival.  Dukha in Summer went on to be shown at 14 other festivals around the world. She is currently in preproduction on Real Artists, the script for which has been nominated for awards at both the Maine International Film Festival and the ReelHeART International Film Festival. She lives and works in San Francisco.

Inspiration For My Screenplay: The inspiration for the screenplay was Ken Liu’s short story, “Real Artists”.  I was also inspired by my own studies in Neuroscience, AI, and Film. I also enjoy dystopias.

Waiting For Mr. Godfrey (31 Pages)
Screenwriter, Carrie Lee – Lake Bay, WA, USA

Synopsis: Based on a true story. Thirteen-year-old, Jewish, IZZY BASSAN, befriends a lonely elderly Turkish man, who has an unusually large nose. She is a talented sprinter and unbeknown to her, he was a champion athlete in his day. He coaches her to become a champion hurdler.

Key Words:   # Inspirational #Family #Sports #Drama #female #empowerment #1970s   #Disability Awareness

Screenwriter Bio: I attended a performing arts type high school in Seattle, WA and developed a love for writing and producing plays. I married after my sophomore year of college and raised seven daughters and three sons. Every play I produced had some of my children in them, (whether they liked it or not).

I switched from playwriting to scriptwriting about nine years ago. I attended the Seattle Film Institute in 2013. I have made three short films and various videos for advertising for local businesses. I enjoy the entire process of coming up with the idea for the story, to researching it, to writing it, to filming and editing it.

Since June 2007, nine of my screenplays have been in the finals of twenty national writing contests. Ive come in third 6x, second 3x and have won 9x. I have also been a quarter-finalist in the Nicholl Fellowship. I will be filming my story NEAR THE EDGE, which took first place at the Renderyard Film Festival in Spain, this summer.

Inspiration For My Screenplay: Waiting For Mr. Godfrey is an inspirational sports drama based on a true story. This script placed first at The Indie Gathering, third at the All Sports Film Festival and third in the GIMME Credit script writing contest. This story is close to my heart and I had the privilege of meeting Mr. Godfrey over forty years ago.

400-YuleTide_Carol_Tammy_GrossYuletide Carol (26 Pages)
Screenwriter, Tammy Gross – Orlando, FL, USA

Synopsis: A singing homeless woman transforms a troubled teen’s life.

Keywords: #Christmas #JuvenileDelinquent #Homeless #Songspiration #XmasCarols #Holidays #MidCentury #Midwest #OvercomingTragedy #TeenRomance

Website: GrossWriting.com
Twitter: GrossWriting

Screenwriter Bio: Singer, songwriter, arranger Tammy Gross turned to screenwriting a few years ago after realizing how adventurous historical writing can be. Researching a story about female pirates in the Caribbean, she was robbed by pirate descendants while trying to outrun a hurricane! She’s since discovered many untold stories in archives around the world, and hopes to have her unique, true stories reach audiences on film.

Inspiration For My Screenplay: A leader in the Methodist denomination wrote a blog about his experience as a youth in Indiana, which led to his ordination. I grew up in the Methodist denomination in Chicagoland, so the throwback to 1960s/1970s Midwest, musical theme & church connection all resounded. With his permission I adapted the story into a short. A few atheist & Jewish friends read it & confirmed that the story resounded for people of all walks. So I sent it to ReelHeART in hopes of getting some feedback. I would love to see it go to production.