Thursday July 7 – 7PM – CineCycle


CineCycle, 129 Spadina Avenue,
Toronto, ON M5A 1J7

Thursday 7.00PM CineCycle, 129 Spadina Avenue – Tickets $ 15 each :

Thursday 7.00PM CineCycle, 129 Spadina Avenue with Food Donation or PotLuck – Tickets $ 10 each :

Event Screening: Guess Who’s Not Coming To Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner?

  • Guess Who’s Not Coming To Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner?
    • A Food Donation *Event Screening* Hosted by-
    •  ReelHeART and Second Harvest
  • Join us for a unique twist on “Dinner and a Movie” where we feature a selection of short films where Food plays a Role.

A combination of Pot Luck and Food Donations to show our support for the great work that Second Harvest does in the City of Toronto.

Come watch films, eat, drink and share your food with others. Let’s talk about film, food and brainstorm ways to get involved with each other and those who need us most.

  • Tickets  – $ 15
  • Tickets with Food Donation or Pot Luck – $ 10
  • Cash Bar (Great Prices) – 19+ Event

1-second_harvest_logoSecond Harvest

What types of foods does Second Harvest accept ?

  • Fresh, frozen, prepared and raw foods including meat, produce, dairy, juice and fresh or frozen meals (raw meat must be frozen before expiry), Non-perishable foods, canned and/or packaged, Surplus, close to code, damaged, mis
    labeled and discontinued products, *Past code product only if verified by manufacturer that it is safe for
    consumption.  More … [pdf]


Guess Who’s Not Coming To Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner? 10:36 min
Dir. Adam King
Toronto, Canada

Synopsis: Set in post-war, propaganda fueled, nuclear bomb scared America, the town of Bubblehurst upholds the most basic principles of modern day, family living. Everyone can attest that the friendliest and by far the most warm, inviting family in the neighbourhood are The Swanson’s, even if Jimmy, the youngest Swanson, disagrees. Join the Swanson family live at their breakfast table this morning for a daily dose of absurd morals and interesting eating habits. Don’t touch that dial! A brand new episode of Guess Who’s Not Coming To Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner? is on the tube next!

Stars: Félix Beauchamp, Mac Dale, Michelle D’Alessandro-Hatt, Andrew Kines


Other Films Screening

  • The Chef’s Letter – 14:08 min
    Dir. Sybil H. Mair, United Kingdom
  • Levesque et Fils Maraicher(s) – 19:36 min
    Dir. Nicolas Levesque, Quebec, Canada
  • Healing Gardens of New York – 55:00 min
    Dir. Alexandra M. Isles – USA
  • Family Recipes – 13:00 min