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Thursday 11.30AM SS1074, Sidney Smith Hall 100 St. George Street- Feature Screenplay Live Read- Tickets $ 12 each :

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Feature Screenplay Live Read

300-The_Lost_Sock_Tom_McIntireThe Lost Sock (108 Pages) –
Screenwriter, Tom McIntire – Seattle, WA, USA

Synopsis: Set in an Arizona college town in 1984, The Lost Sock follows party boy Byron in his pursuit of men and drugs as he struggles with his personal demons and the detour he took for a certain man he met in a laundromat.

Key Words:  #LGBTQ #queer #GayRomance #1980s #GayMen


Screenwriter Bio: Tom McIntire is a filmmaker, writer, actor and painter. Tom’s ensemble films and screenplays explore the interplay of relationships amidst larger social issues, including unwarranted government surveillance, the dangers of genetically modified organisms, and the lunacy of philanthropy as a means to advance social change. His more personal films and scripts examine powerful themes at the heart of the human condition, such as overcoming grief, lost love, moving on as a survivor of the AIDS plague years, and the need to be loved and accepted for who we are.

His short films have screened at festivals in the US, Canada and Europe and have won awards at the Indie Gathering, ReelHeART International Film and Screenplay Festival and Accolade competitions. Two of his unproduced feature scripts have placed in the top 10% and top 20% in the Nicholls Fellowship competition. He has been a finalist in the New York Screenplay Festival, Evolution – Mallorca International Film Festival, and the Writer’s Place competition .

Tom has previously won in the Top Three category for both short and feature screenplays at the ReelHeART International Film and Screenplay Festival in Toronto, in addition to winning awards for his short films at ReelHeART and the 2014 ReelHeART Spirit Award.

Tom’s muse, Anna, a fourteen pound Boston Terrier, lives with Tom and his husband Kurt in Seattle.

Inspiration for My Screenplay: The Lost Sock was inspired by my live performance piece and short film, SPIN. In present day, the story goes Jim misses his long dead friend and lover and conjures up Byron to try to have one last conversation in the laundromat where they met 30 years earlier, but resentments and anger keep getting in the way.

The Lost Sock is the troubled couple’s 1984 back story, taking us on a bumpy ride through a 1980s desert college town filled with temptations and miscommunications, and Byron’s searing childhood experiences that made commitment so difficult for him as a young man.