Saturday July 9 – 7PM


2158 JJR Macleod Auditorium, Medical Sciences Building
1 King’s College Circle, Toronto, Ontario, M5S 1A8
Wheelchair Accessible on Main Floor

Saturday 7.00PM JJR Macleod Auditorium, 1 King’s College Circle – Tickets $ 12 each :

Saturday 7.00PM JJR Macleod Auditorium, 1 King’s College Circle – 2 Tickets $ 20 :

Theme: Love and Happiness


I Only Tell The Truth (by Charlie Lim) 5:32 min – Canadian Premiere – Nominated for Best Music Video
Dir. Felipe P. Soares (Alumni)
USA / Singapore

Synopsis: As he writes a letter to his loved one, Charlie drifts in and out of memories and the world around him begins to fall apart – culminating in a plane crash.

Keywords: Drama, Fantasy, Action #Tragedy #Grief #Loss, #MusicVideo #Australia #Singapore #DiscoveryBay


At Last – 9:58 – Canadian premiere
Dir. Anna Skrypka
Santa Monica, California, USA

Synopsis: A socially awkward middle-aged man must overcome his chronic anxiety and insecurities when his online dating girlfriend unexpectedly turns up at his house with the clear intention to have sex with him.

Keyword: Short Film, Love, Romance, Relationships, RomCom

Stars: Lee Schall, Lisa Goodman


Chasing Fame – 30:00 min  – Work in progress
Dir. Phil Peel
United Kingdom

Synopsis: UK TV Star relaxing in Toronto after the premiere of her first feature film., Inadvertently becomes involved with a young starstruck fan and pressurized by their friends, they both misread each other’s intentions with catastrophic and hilarious results. Filmed in Toronto, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London and Cannes.

Cast: Melissa de Mol, Trevor Ketcheson, Shabana Bakhsh (Ae Fond Kiss – Ken Loach), Peter Mazzucco, Angelo Robb, Emma Mazzucco, Cheryl De Luca, Reece Presley, Kylie Shannon Gilmour.

Keywords: #Toronto #celebrity #comedy #fan #premiere #fame #UKCanadacoproduction


Official Closing Film ReelHeART 2016
Busking Turf Wars 
– 72:40 min – Canadian Premiere
Dir. Peter Trifunovic
United Kingdom
(Nominated for Best Feature Documentary (Hybrid) 2016)
(Nominated for Best Foreign Film 2016)

Synopsis: For street musician Steven Lockmoore, busking is a way of life. He’s worked hard for his place on the street and is passionate about the community he is a part of. But his world starts to slowly unravel with the emergence of a rival busker, Paul Adrian, who is invading Steven’s turf. Steven has to go on an exploration of what is important to him and what it means to be an artist following your dreams.

Keywords: #Comedy #Mockumentary #Music #Buskers #Leeds #UnitedKingdom #Chasing YourDream

Cast: Christy Coysh (Nominated for Best Actor 2016), Will Tristram, Lisa Franklin


ReelHeART Director – Programmer Comment

This is the “Spinal Tap” of Busking! After a very long season of viewing 100s of films, “Busking Turf Wars” was such a treat. I can’t give the spoiler off the top, but very soon after watching you’ll realize what you’re actually seeing and I hope you’ll love every minute of this film as I did. I just want to put a smiley face emoji here while I write this.

Disheveled and down and out Busker Steven Lockmmore is having a hard time on the mean streets of Leeds, UK, when a fit, better dressed and more musically gifted Busker moves in on Steven’s turf and moves into Steven’s life. The passive aggressive trash talking and postering begins and so does the fun in this sly unexpected coming of age charmer. #MustSee