Monday July 4 – 7PM


2158 JJR Macleod Auditorium, Medical Sciences Building
1 King’s College Circle, Toronto, Ontario, M5S 1A8
Wheelchair Accessible on Main Floor

Monday 7.00PM JJR Macleod Auditorium, 1 King’s College Circle – Tickets $ 20 each :

Theme: I’ve Never Been to Me – or – “Coming of Age for the Middle Aged Man”


Reconnection – 40:58 min – Canadian Premiere
Dir. Maksim Varfolomeev
India, Russian Federation
(Nominated for Best Cinematography 2016)
(Nominated for Best Short Film (Hybrid) 2016)

Synopsis: An internet person, Sean Fletcher tries to run from a broken relationship by taking a trip to Himalayas, but finds himself stuck in a small Indian town that turns out to be an unusual place.
Lead Actor: Rishabh Sing

Keywords: Coming of Age, Self Discovery, 3rd World, Developing Nations, Cinematography, Spiritual, India, Kindness of Strangers, Chapatihei, Animal Safety, #Social #Network #Reconnection #Vrindavan #India #Himalayas #Yoga #Exotic #Meditation #Adventure #Journey #Culture #Film #Friendship #Experience #Spirituality #Peace #Nature #Holi #Festival #Enlightenment #DailyGrind #Mundane #Everyday #Life

Cast: Armand Gachet, Govinda Swami, Rishabh Sing


Official Opening Film ReelHeART 2016
Searching For Dragons
– 82:00 min – Toronto premiere
Dir. Dan Gainsford
Ottawa, Canada
(Nominated for Best Cinematography 2016)
(Nominated for Best Feature Documentary 2016)
(Nominated for Best Canadian Film 2016)

Synopsis: An encounter with a stone dragon in the heart of Central America, inspires filmmaker Dan Gainsford to abandon a routine desk job and embark on a five-year pilgrimage from the Arctic to Panama. Intuition guides Gainsford’s path in this non-traditional documentary as he struggles with his place in the North American dream. In the end, visionaries and laymen help him renew his purpose and reveal the importance of forging new stories about the places we call home.

Keywords: ReStory, Personal Ecology, Adventure, Contemporary Pilgrimage, North American Dream, #Canada2Panama #Permaculture, #Local, #NowHere, Urban Sustainability, Coming of Age, Self-Discovery #Enlightenment #DailyGrind #Mundane #Everyday #Life #Travel #Canada #CostaRica #ElSalvador #Guatemala #Honduras #Mexico #Nicaragua #Panama #USA

Stars: Joan Halifax, Larry Littlebird, Duane Elgin, Larry Santoyo, Andy Lipkis, Trathen Heckman, Ben Haggard, Allan Savory, Richard Heinberg, Dave Henson, Brock Dolman, Stephen Harrod Buhner, Michael Reynolds, Scott Pittman, Brad Lancaster, David Eisenberg

ReelHeART Director Comment: Reconnection and Searching for Dragons are two of four films this season that deal with a recurring theme in our programming:  Coming of Age for the Middle Aged Man. Our opening night films focus on Coming of Age, Self-Discovery and ReStory for Men that are 35+. We wondered why this theme emerged, so we asked the question to the filmmakers in an online AMA in June. Their respective answers are below:

ReelHeART International Film Festival Questions for Reconnection + IFeelMovie + Searching for Dragons and Busking Turf Wars – A Documentary All your films deal with Men and their #ComingOfAge in their 30’s-40s. Is this a product of their generation, their environment their need to succeed or their parent’s need for them to succeed? Or is this really a matter of the HeART and where everyone fits in the world when you just take a moment to stand back and reflect on “what’s it all about…?”

Reconnection It’s quite often a person in his 30’s-40’s has already got somewhere, to some degree of success or achievement, and comes to a point of asking himself “what’s next?” I guess, you can say this is a theme we deal with in Reconnection.

Busking Turf Wars – A Documentary The story of Steven Lockmoore (@Busker_Steve), the subject of our film, is one of an artist following their dreams. So often in life, we choose the path of least resistance, even if it’s not truly what our hearts want. Often, we feel obliged to comform to a certain expected way of being or to a certain path to take; we second guess our dreams; or we struggle to find the courage to pursue them. In Busking Turf Wars – A Documentary, we explore what it means to be an artist in pursuit of your dreams, and we hope you – as an audience – find the same inspiration from Steven as we did when we followed his journey.