Friday July 8 – 3PM


Room WW119
Woodsworth College
117/119 St. George Street
Toronto, ON, M5S 1A9

Friday 3.00PM Room WW119 Woodsworth College 117-119 St. George St – Tickets $ 12 each :

Friday 3.00PM Room WW119 Woodsworth College 117-119 St. George St – 2 Tickets $ 20 :

SENIOR Friday 3.00PM Room WW119 Woodsworth College 117-119 St. George St – SENIOR Tickets $ 6 each :

Theme: It’s There In Black and White – and Green


Harry’s Gift: A New York Story 29:17 min
Dir. Alexandra M. Isles
(Nominated for Best Short Documentary 2016)

Synopsis: When he received the call to clean out the apartment where Harry Shunk, a reclusive hoarder, had died alone, forgotten and without heirs, Darryl Kelly was unaware that his life was about to change. HARRY’S GIFT is the story of the unlikely meeting of two fates. One man with too much and one with too little. A story about a cosmic wink that changed a life. Harry Shunk (died June 2006) and Jànos Kender were reknowned photographers in NYC in 1960s-70s who documented ephemeral work of conceptual artists such as Christos, Klein, and Andy Warhol.

Keywords: Photography, Vivian Mier, Hoarding, New York City, Urban, Cosmopolitan, Art, Hoarding, Serendipity, Friendship
Stars: Christo


Rwanda and Juliet – 88:40 min
Dir. Ben Proudfoot
Rwanda, USA

Synopsis: “My only love sprung from my only hate,” reveals Juliet in Shakespeare’s beloved play about star-crossed lovers. Director Ben Proudfoot explores the thin line between love and hate in a new, surprisingly charming and uplifting feature documentary set in Kigali, Rwanda—the epicenter of the genocide that left a million dead two decades earlier.

Camera crews follow a small American theater group led by a retired Dartmouth Professor Andrew Garrod as they journey to Rwanda expecting to mount a reconciliatory production of Romeo & Juliet with an all-African cast. These self-realized millennials, most orphaned by the horrors of violence, form the unorthodox company drawn from the contentious Hutu and Tutsi population divisions. The cast members’ stories are as emotionally rich as the characters they are portraying. For the young woman playing “Juliet,” the ethnic divisions are personal—her father and many of her family members were murdered 20 years ago by Hutu perpetrators.

Key Words: Developing Nations, Action, Adventure, #rwanda #rwandadoc #romeoandjuliet #shakespeare