Mon. 7:00PM

Carlton Magic Lantern Cinema, 20 Carlton Street, Toronto, College Subway Station [Map]


Monday 7.00PM Carlton Magic Lantern Theatre, 20 Carlton Street – Tickets $ 15 each :

Theme: “Shorts Heard Around The World”

‘Selfish is Cool’ (3:18min, U S A) *Canadian Premiere
dir. Thomas Florek – *Filmmaker In Attendance

Synopsis: Tom and Doug host a nationally syndicated 30-minute radio show. ‘Selfish Is Cool’ is part of a collection of songs relating difficult truths to adults. Selfish is Cool is a ‘children’s song for adults’ which casts light on our culture.


‘Francesca’ (3:41 min, Quebec, Canada, USA) *Canadian Premiere
dir. Gaëna da Sylva

Synopsis: “Francesca” is a short music film inspired by the art and life of American photographer, Francesca Woodman. The song “Francesca” playing throughout the film is by singer-songwriter/musician Bill Madden. The film was directed by the Canadian art photographer and filmmaker Gaëna da Sylva.

Lilly’s Big Day (4:41min, Canada) *World Premiere
dir. Berlin Demuth, Maezy Dennie, Medina Dennie, Ocean Demuth, Sol Demuth, Zaiyah Dennie

Synopsis: Lilly, a 10-foot tall orange monster, steps out for a special day at Wilma’s Super Salon. Patrons gasp and stylists glitch as the affable giant bumbles her way through a beauty ritual like no other.

Cut out animation created during Quickdraw Animation’s 48 hour Animation Lockdown by The Bum Family, 6 Canadian cousins ages 4 to 11.


“W” (5:31 min, Italy) *North America Premiere
dir Francesca Draghetti

Synopsis: A mysterious creature falls in love with a new nervous actress in the Globe Theater of Shakespeare


Bedtime Story (11:00 min, Canada) *World Premiere
dir. Laura Nordin *Screenwriter, Producer In Attendance

Synopsis: When Rhonda convinces her friend Celeste to audition with her for an ‘indie’ film shooting locally, the girls soon suspect they might be getting more than they bargained for. Playing young nuns ‘discovering themselves’ opposite the film’s director as ‘Father Morgan’ – Celeste is sure something seedy is afoot. Rhonda tries desperately to convince her otherwise – but the surprise appearance of the director’s young daughter Abby turns her expectations on their head, and suddenly Rhonda’s cherished dreams seem uncertain. Until ‘Father’ Morgan tells her a bedtime story she’ll never forget.



‘Still Beautiful’ *Canadian Premiere
(Featuring J.R. Richards, Vanaka )
(8:13 min, United Kingdom, USA) dir. Min Reid – *Filmmaker In Attendance

Synopsis : The lyrics of ’Still Beautiful’ emerged after the ‘Sandy Hook Tragedy’, as songwriter and co-founder of the band, Stacey Fergusson, reached to explain the tragic event to her 10 year old child. Director Min Reid felt the only way to personify such deep emotion with respect, and to show it evolving from despair to healing, was through the stunning art form of ballet. ‘Still Beautiful’ is performed by JR Richards as featured lead vocals for the band Vanaka. The Sandy Hook Promise have embraced and endorsed this song. ‘Let Love Lead’…

Vanaka Music Website:


‘I Know You’ (8:44 min, Netherlands) *Toronto Premiere
dir. Colin Gerrard – *Filmmaker In Attendance

Synopsis: This short film does not push the envelope of cult personality and distortion of media; neither does it break the bonds of false exaggeration. Rather it enfolds it. It’s a game of confidence. What if you couldn’t tell the difference between what was real and what was not? What if you could get away with something and everyone seemingly believed you? Sometimes it doesn’t matter who you are, it’s who they think you are.



‘Liaison’ (09:38 min, United Kingdom) *Canadian Premiere
dir. Phil Peel *Filmmaker In Attendance

Synopsis: A woman wakes up alone trapped in a strange apartment, forty flights up. She tries to remember how she got there.



Gaia (15:25 min, Australia) *Canadian Premiere
dir. Erin Fowler & Nick Graalman

Synopsis: Gaia (Mother Earth) is struggling for survival in an increasingly degraded and urbanised planet. Nature is so vast that our minds are sometimes overwhelmed by our role and responsibility in the delicate web of life. Our urban landscape continues to dominate the globe with little thought for the consequences and the resources it requires. Gaia uses the evocative blend of movement, music and film to highlight this reality and remind us of our kinship with planet earth. Through the language of dance, Gaia tells a universal story that is relevant across the globe.



module-francais‘Chevelure’ (13:39min, France) *North America Premiere
dir. Sidney Botbol

Synopsis : We don’t know much about Peter. A picture falls from a book Alice doesn’t have time to see. A mysterious locked chest raises her curiosity. And what’s with Peter stealing a strand of hair from her…?



Dissonance (19:00 min, USA)*Canadian Premiere – *Official Opening Film* – ReelHeART 2015
dir. Bryan Fox *Filmmaker In Attendance

Synopsis: The harsh challenges of a young man’s stale relationship with his girlfriend and his seemingly stalled career. As the conflating demands of love and work increasingly claim more out of his life, Alex grapples with his dearth of passion and the juggling act to keep himself and his girlfriend satisfied.


ReelHeART Director Comment: With SAG agreements making many Hollywood stars available and friendships forged in the oddest of ways, you’ll be delighted to see some very unexpected Hollywood faces that make Bryan’s short film pop off the screen and into your HeART. I won’t name them. You’ll just have to come to opening night and count the stars for yourself…




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